Mobile Sales Distribution

It is the system in which hot selling, cold selling or distribution companies can manage all of their processes. Inventory tracking, distribution planning, shipments and billing are managed online.

The mobile sales / distribution system provides a central infrastructure that monitors dealer processes. Offer maximum benefits to dealers by taking an active role in the sales-distribution process. Provides easy access from anywhere with its web interface.

On-site vendors perform the tasks assigned to easy-to-use handheld devices by following their routes. Their transactions are transferred to the central system via GPRS and then to the existing ERP system via integration.
Web Based Management:

Central staff, resellers, and vendors provide access to the system from anywhere via a web-based interface and perform transactions only as part of their authorization.

Again, with reports received on the web, operations and trends in the field are tracked. With permission checking, each user only sees the reports and numbers that concern them. For example, the central sales report can be obtained by central staff on the basis of all resellers and products, while resellers can only see their own sales and that suppliers can only see sales of their own products.
Terminal mobile:

Field vendors track and perform the tasks assigned to them via durable portable industrial terminals. These tasks (sales, distribution, data collection) were defined one day in advance from the web management system. At the beginning of the day, the seller sees the products to be loaded into the vehicle and the route to follow.


The mobile distribution system can be integrated with the ERP system used by the company. Thus, the inventory transactions made at the dealers are extracted from the ERP and the resulting invoices or waybills can be transferred to the ERP system.