Why Turkey

Variety of the health services: The hospitals in Turkey render services in every field of health with high success rates based on international key performance indicators.

Professionals physician staff: Most of physicians are specialised, have their academic career from reputable universities around the world. They serve in order to make develop medical science domestically or abroad. International Standards: Almost 50 hospital in Turkey are certified with JCI(Joint Commission International). These hospitals offer high quality and reliable medical care with their highly advanced facilities.

Affordable priced treatment opportunities: Although hospitals and clinics in Turkey invest huge amounts to technologies and quality, they offer affordable treatment prices comparing to many European and Gulf countries.

Easy to Access: Due to it’s geographical position, there are many different transportation ways to Turkey. There are more than 200 flight points, several ways of getting Turkey by bus, by train or by ferry.

Climate and fundament: Turkey has a salubrious climate. Aegean and Mediterranean coastal areas have a temperate Mediterranean climate; with hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters. The Black Sea coastal areas have a temperate oceanic climate; with warm, wet summers ans cool to cold, wet winters. Eastern side of Turkey is more cold and has a severe climate, that’s mean suitable for winter sports. Additionally to the variety of climates, the diversity of its thermal resources and the presence of the areas rich of oxygen influence the rehabilitation process of the patients for the good.

Turkey is mostly preferable due to its facilities suitable for winter and also summer tourism.

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A very expert staff is working in order to render services domestically or abroad as part of health tourism. Additional to medical tourism, thermal tourism, geriatric tourism services İNOVATÜRK also offers second opinion service for the patients who already are in an ongoing treatment.

Through the second opinion service, the patient or his/her relatives can have detailed information about the conformity of his treatment process, different treatment opportunities. This service avoid money and time loss for many patient who are already suffering. 

İNOVATÜRK also renders accommodation, transfer, guiding and city tour services for the foreign patients in Turkey. We are paying attention to make them leave our country satisfied.

İNOVATÜRK deals also with establishing  travel agencies, build, rent or taking over management of a hotel  in country or abroad.

Contact Us: You can contact us using our Patient Application Form on our web site, sending an e-mail to info@İnovatürk.com.tr or calling our phone .

It is important for us to know your medical history in order to provide you better treatment plan. We kindly ask you to send us your current medical reports, laboratory results, x-rays. Our medical consultant will get in contact with you in 24 hours.

Our Services: Medical consultancy: After your application, we send your medical reports to our agreed hospitals and clinics in Turkey and get back to you in 2 working days with a medical treatment plan or a second opinion. We also send details about the hospital, diploma of your doctor and other necessary information about your treatment.

Please see our Contracted Hospitals on our web site.

Financial Plan: After your medical file is reviewed by our contracted hospital or clinic, we send you an estimated treatment budget including trasportation, accommodation and other cost regarding your preference.

Flight planning: We can organise the best suitable flight for you, buy your flight tickets with economic prices. There are more than 200 flight points around the world for coming Turkey. You can check http://www.turkishairlines.com/tr-tr to see these points.

Visa: We also assist you during your visa application process. There is no need Turkish visa for some country. If you need a visa we are sending an invitation letter stating that you are a medical tourist and you’ll get medical treatment in Turkey. We also inform your consulate in Turkey about your situation. You can visit http://www.mfa.gov.tr/ about the visa policies in Turkey.

Transfer: We welcome you at the airport with our vehicle and take you to your hotel. We also provide transportation from the hotel to get you to the hospital on the day of appointment. Accommodation: We assist you by making reservation on hotels with economic prices. We also can find suitable housing options when necessary.

Treatment: We assist you in every step of your treatment as your medical consultant in Turkey; -choise of the best suitable hospital for you -organising your medical appointments -hospital registration before the operation -follow up before and after operation -ensure that you understand instructions of the medical staff

Guidance assistance: It is possible that you don’t know any foreign language. İNOVATÜRK assists you on below guidance services;

  1. Arranging hospital appointments
  2. Ensure that you and your relatives understand the instructions of medical staff during your treatment
  3. Planning after surgical operation
  4. Translation of all medical paperwork
  5. Support for other medical needs

 Sightseeing tours or travels : In order to smooth over fatigue and stress of the medical treatment process, we offer you sightseeing tours service. Also if you decide to stay longer in Turkey, we can assist you on choosing best travel package for you and your family.


Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 
-Mammoplasty (Breast Reconstruction after Cancer)
-Rhinoplasty( Nasal Aesthetic)
-Congenital Hand and Face Defects
-Liposuction (Removal of Regional Fat)
-Facial and Eye Lid Aesthetics
-Ear and Chin Aesthetics (Orthognathic Surgery)
-Sexual Aesthetics
-Gynecomastia Correction (Mammoplasty in Males)
-Thigh and Hip Aesthetics
-Arm Lift
– Maxillofacial Trauma Surgery
-Head-Neck Tumors Surgery
-Hand Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery
-Cleft Palate/Lip Surgery
-Burn Injury and Chronic Wound Surgery
-Skin Tumors Surgery
-Facial and Hand Rejuvenation
-Botox and Filler Practice
-Laser Practice

Cardiovascular Surgery
– Invasive cardiologic interventions (angio- angioplasty-stent)
– Coronary By-Pass Surgery
– Heart Valve Surgery
– Aortic Surgery
– Vascular Surgery
– Carotid Artery Surgery

-Treatment of the dermatologic (hair, nails, oral mucosal) diseases
-Treatment of allergic skin diseases
-Treatment of skin cancers
– Skin Surgery(Biopsy taking and taking out the early stage skin tumors, taking out the nevus and moles, surgical treatment of nail problems)
-Freezing therapy (cryotherapy), burning (electrocoterization) and laser therapies of warts, moles and molluscum
-Treatment of Excessive Sweating
-Botox application
-Cosmetic Dermatology
-Treatment of skin problems caused by cosmetic products

Ear Nose and Throat

  1. Otology

-Ear Microsurgeries
-Chronic Otitis Media Surgery (Tympanoplasty, Mastoidectomy, etc.)
-Ossicular Replacement Prostheses (Stapes Surgery, Ossiculoplasty)
-Tympanum Reconstruction
-Bionic Ear (Cochlear Implant)

  1. Rhinology

-Allergic Rhinitis (Nasal Allergies)
-Nasal Aesthetics
-Polyps and cancers of inside of the nose. 
-Treatments of acute and chronic sinusitis. 

 Oral Diseases and Laryngology

-Adenoid and Tonsil Surgeries
-Microsurgery Operations For Voice Disorders
-Snoring and Respiratory Disorders (Sleep Apnea (Asphyxia During Sleep)

  1. Diseases of Head and Neck Surgery

-Inflammatory diseases and tumoral swellings of salivary glands
-Thyroid gland surgery, 
-Management of masses at neck (swellings)  
-All cancers of head-neck area, oropharynx (inside of the mouth), tongue, chin

-Diseases related to pituitary such as prolactinoma, acromegaly, growth hormone insufficiency, and diabetes insipidus.
-Diseases related to thyroid such as goitre, hypo- or hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer
-Diseases related to parathyroid such as calcium and phosphorus metabolism disorder
-Diseases related to surreal such as aldosteronoma, pheochromocytoma, Addison
-Diseases related to ovaries such as polycystic ovaries, hypertrichosis, and early menopause
-Diseases related to testicles such as, absence of hair and beard, gynecomastia (enlargement of breasts of man)
-Tumors related to pancreas and diabetes

-Stopping of the bleedings of digestive system, 
-Sclerozing therapy,
-Treatment of bleeding varices, 
-Treatment of chronic pancreatic with ERCP method, 
-Treatment of gall tracts’ stones and narrowing’s, 
-Stone removal from gall tracts, 
-Removing of stomach and intestinal polyps called polypectomy, 
-Treatment of ulcer,
-Treatment of reflux disease, 
-Treatment of Chrohn disease
-Ulcerative colitis,
-Stent placement to the gall tracts or oesophagus.

General Surgery  
-Bariatric Surgery (Obesity surgery; Vertical banded gastroplasty, Gastrostomy, Gastric by-pass)
-Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery (Goiter, Thyroid cancer, Thyroid nodules and Parathyroid adenoma) 
-Breast Surgery (Breast cancer, Breast-conserving surgery, Oncoplastic surgery)
-Hernioplasty (Stomach and abdominal hernia, Laparoscopic Nissen surgery, Open and close hernia operations “TEP”)
-Upper Gastrointestinal System Surgery (Esophageal and Stomach Tumors, Achalasia)
-Colorectal Surgery (Colonic and Rectum Tumors, Laparoscopic colonic and rectum surgeries, hemorrhoids, Fissure, Prolapsus surgeries)
-Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery (Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas surgeries)


Hair Transplant   
Internal Medicine 
-Cerebrovascular accident and vertigo, 
-Movement disorders(Parkinson and diseases similar to Parkinson)
-Muscle and nerves diseases, 
-Multiple sclerosis(MS)
-Stroke and sleep disorders

Neurosurgery (Brain and Nerve Surgery)
– Childhood brain surgery operations, 
– Brain tumors, 
– Gamma Knife
– Aneurism surgery, 
– Emergency back-neck and spine trauma surgery, 
– Nerve surgery, 
– Emergency head trauma surgery and treatment of back and neck hernia

-Medical Oncology
-Radiation Oncology
-Surgical Oncology

-Keratoconus treatment (Crosslink, Corneal Ring Practices)
-Treatment of Refractive Errors with Laser
-Cornea Diseases
-Conjunctivitis (Eye Infection)
-Glaucoma (Eye Pressure)
-Cataract Surgery(Fakoemulsification)
-Multifocal and Toric Lens Implantations
-Retinal Diseases
-Macular Degeneration
-Diabetic Eye Diseases
-Oculoplastic Surgery
-Pediatric Ophthalmology

Oral and Dental Health 

-Preventive Dentistry
-Implant Treatment
-Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy and Filling)
-Orthodontics (Correction of Crooked and Malpositioned Teeth)
-Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery
-Impacted tooth extraction operations
-Cyst and tumor operations
-Periodontology (Treatment of Gingival Diseases)
– Restorative and Aesthetics Dentistry
-Tooth bleaching
-Prosthesis Tooth Treatment
-Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders
-Smile Design

Orthopedics and Traumatology
-Spinal Surgery
Congenital and acquired scoliosis and kyphosis, 
Spinal displacement, 
Spinal fractures and dislocations,
Spinal infection and tumors

-Sports Traumatology and Joint Surgery
Shoulder, knee, ankle closed operations (arthroscopy) 
Hip, knee prosthesis

All fractures and dislocations, 
Muscle, tendon and nerve injuries of the musculoskeletal system 
All hand surgery operations

-Pediatric Orthopedics
Pediatric muscle and bone diseases such as congenital hip dislocation, clubfoot (PEV)

-Tumor Surgery
Musculoskeletal tumors.

Pediatric Health and Diseases
Pediatric Surgery
– Congenital diseases of newborn
– Surgical Diseases of Digestive System
– Surgical Diseases of Respiratory System 
– Trauma of Children
– Cancer Diseases of Childhood and Surgical Treatments
– Surgical Treatment of Hormonal Diseases
– Head and Neck Surgery in Children
– Burn

-Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Ankylosing Spondylitis and Related Diseases (Reactive Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Enteropathic Arthritis, …)
-Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF)
-Acute Rheumatic Fever (ARF)
-Gout Disease
-Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
-Childhood Rheumatismal Diseases
-Other Diseases (Scleroderma, Sjögren’s Syndrome, Adult-onset Still’s Disease, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Dermatomyositis-Polymyositis, Vasculitis, Temporal Arteritis, Wegener’s Granulomatosis, Churgh Strauss Syndrome, Henoch Schönlein Purpura, …)

– TUR – Prostatectomy
– Plasma Kinetic TUR
– Radical Prostate Operations
– All urologic cancerous operations

 Women Health    
-Obstetrics and Gynecology    
-Reproductive Health  

Contracted Health Insitutions
– Acıbadem
– Yeditepe
– Medistate
– İstanbul Cerrahi
– Medilife
– Memorial
– Hisar Intercontinental
– Özel Göztepe
– Esteticha
– Esteworld
– Ethica
– Doğan Hospital
– Dünya Göz Merkezi

Old People Health
General Review:

In 2010, %24 of world population consisted of 60 and older people. There are more then 500 billion disabled peoples on the world as per United Nations records.

For the year 2050 the forecast is that 60+ old people population will increase to 2 billions, old population will double children population, and also 80+ old people population will increase five multiple.
The increase rate of old population in the world is %1,2 much more than the general increase in population (%2,1).

The increase rate of 80+ old people is %4,3 of old population in the world.
The number of old people living in Turkey is 5,1 billions and it is 19th of world alignment.

Consultancy Service

İNOVATÜRK is ready to be part of any kind of formation in this field domestically. The abilities of İNOVATÜRK are investment planning, preparing projects, architectural consept, marketing and sale organizations, human resources ans training, operate, financial management, consultancy as per partial or holistic requirements.

60 plus living facilities
Clinic accommodation
Home care services