Technological Services

Inovaturk offers complete solutions that can integrate with Oracle or meet its own needs by taking into account the future needs of the company and by offering a better management of critical and sensitive processes, in line with the needs of companies.

Internal or interinstitutional integration software; in accordance with the processes of analysis, design, development, performance testing and implementation; They are completed to meet the needs of the institution at the highest level.

Depending on the needs of the company with the various latest technologies of the software, we establish our criteria; functionality, flexibility, modularity, quick access to company information from different sites, ease of restructuring and universality.

Develop solution-oriented applications on different platforms, produce customized solutions for customers and share them with the customer; One of the main objectives of the technical consulting team. The special topics of our technical consulting team are:

Operating system (UNIX, LINUX, MS)

Database Systems (Oracle, MSSQL)

Configuration, Infrastructure and Scaling Services

Backup, Troubleshooting and Recovery Services

System audit services

System design and installation

Server monitoring and performance

Required Updates and Hotfixes

Problems related to previous software studies, performance issues and improvement studies.

If you do not have system support, our support specialists can act directly as your company’s system support and take care of all maintenance tasks on your behalf. In addition to providing on-site support according to your needs, they can also provide assistance in case of problems by accessing your system remotely or by contacting the phone. Support services provided by the technical advisory team;

Installing / upgrading the Oracle database,

Patch installations,

Moving databases to other servers,

Adjust / reorganize the logical and physical architecture of the database,

Creating backup and recovery policies as a precaution against any system failure scenario

Periodic health checks of the database,

Establishment of databases for remote administration,

Create applications and hardware configurations for new system design or modernization of legacy systems and architectures

Troubleshooting errors caused by user error

Screening the state of applications by module – Installation controls

Report on performance measures

New information transfer feature

AdHoc Solutions