Medical Device Purchase Services


Purchase of medical equipment

Our company offers turnkey support for the purchase of five medical and assistive devices. The general framework of our services is as follows:

Analyze the requirements of your device and prepare lists of requirements.

Preparation of RFP and RFQ documents. The scope of these documents is as follows:

Method of proposal or notification of costs.

Technical specifications

Examples of contracts including warranty terms and post-warranty maintenance conditions.

Evaluate proposals based on the brand and model against objective criteria.

Negotiate price and other contractual terms with bidders and proceed to final selection.

The following device acceptance procedures:

Perform tests before acceptance of the devices.

Management of the test time of the devices.

Acceptance of devices.

Assistance with warranty and maintenance management.

Some of the issues covered by maintenance contracts are listed below:

Indicate the business registers and contact addresses of the parties involved in the contract.

List of additional documents fulfilling the contract.

Explanation of the particular conditions to be used in the contract.

Date and duration of the entry into force of the contract and other conditions of validity.

Contract price, terms of payment and delivery.

Obligations of the seller towards the buyer until the delivery of the devices. Rights of the buyer until the delivery of the goods.

Obligations of the buyer towards the seller.

If necessary, specify the authorized representatives of purchased devices.

Definition of the warranty conditions, their duration and additional warranty conditions, as well as failures, major and minor defects and the preventive and corrective actions expected of the seller.

The substances were related to delays in the delivery of the supplier’s products and the protection of the rights of the buyer in case of poor product performance.

Compensation clauses relating to patents and trademark rights and compensation conditions for claims and claims of third parties.

Items intended to offset the products of the supplier for damage to the property of the buyer.

Conditions of cancellation of the contract.

Articles on how to resolve disputes between parties, applicable laws and competent courts.

Authorized signature and date of signature of the contract.