Business Process Consulting


Throughout the process, from discovery to after-sales support; has an innovative, solution-oriented project management approach that aims to use resources in the most efficient and effective manner and with the principle of “Customer Satisfaction”. The client feels that they work with consultants who understand their business and their industry. He creates added value through his project experiences in different sectors.

All Oracle E-Business Management System projects implemented by İnovatürk are carried out as part of a methodology called AIM. The Oracle Implementation Methodology (AIM) defines a set of regular and flexible process steps for deployers throughout the AIM process. This process provides team members with the skills and tools they need to plan, execute, and control the steps of a project effectively to deliver business solutions to customers. AIM uses the following tools to provide quality services:

A flexible project plan tailored to the specific needs of each client

A consultation manual that guides the consultants throughout the method and provides techniques for activities related to project implementation

Software accompanying this manual

Predefined project templates (process flow, sizing tables, etc.) that can easily be adapted to any installation project

According to the AIM methodology, application placement projects are removed under the following headings