The actual success of a project is measured by the maximum utilization of deployed applications. The most important factor at this stage is that users of the system receive comprehensive and sufficient training to enhance their usability.

For this purpose, training on the use of the system is carried out meticulously, documented and presented to clients in common data pools. During the project, business processes and systems both Turkey are provided with expert advisers dominate the legislative process by giving both the training of specialists in the process of training users.

In order to carry out the business processes in the most appropriate way, the company offers training in 3 main categories:

Functional training

Technical training

Training process

Functional training

These are practical modular courses delivered by expert consultants for the use of the company’s business processes, modeled on the E-Business management system as needed, so that they can be managed on a daily basis by the company. through the application system.

Technical training :

To ensure the sustainability of the system’s technical installations, maintenance and improvements by the companies; This course includes training on system infrastructure and development programs (PLSQL, JAVA, FORMS, OAF, Workflow, APEX, AME, ADF) and Oracle Database Management.

Training process:

Expert consultants; Turkish legislation in line with past work and – with experience in the sector, the education they are able to perform in order to provide the most accurate form of the enterprise restructuring process and the forecasting for the future.