Service Management System

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is a library that collects best practices in IT service management. ITIL helps you to define the management of your services in the form of processes and to define your job descriptions in these processes. Each organization creates a management approach appropriate to its own structure. Thanks to its web interface, it has an infrastructure easily accessible from any environment and that integrates perfectly with other electronic devices (mobile phone, Internet, etc.).


-Reduce IT service costs

-Report all costs

-Good resource planning, inventory management

-Ability to evaluate staff performance at time intervals and under desired conditions

-Service level management, ability to control service processes from a single source

-Easy access from anywhere with internet connection via web interface and SMS alert system, email integration

-Ease of tracking special processes such as problem management, event management, change management, SLA management, and inventory management


All the work is done through an interface designed by Outlook. Menus and lists are on the same screen, separated by tabs. The desired operation is easily accessible with one click. Each user can only use the menus he is authorized to use, avoiding any confusion in the job description.