Network Infrastructure Solutions:

Network is the use of many communication equipment such as server, printer, pc, modem connected by cables in the most economical and efficient way. Network allows people to work together, not individually.

Network is the sharing of data, software and equipment. A small network can be composed of two computers, a large network can be composed of thousands of computers, fax-modem, CD-ROM drive, printer and so on.

Network saves time and money. For success, the business must communicate with the whole world, not only in the office. Since the sharing is in question, the hardware can be used by all personnel, no extra printer, modem, disk unit is required for each individual. Internet access can be shared from on a network. Today all applications are run on the Network infrastructure. Therefore, the establishment of a strong network infrastructure has become a must for companies.


Broad bandwidth is required for broadcasting television or video over the Internet without delay. Advances in DSL technology have made it possible to transmit all kinds of data on the main IP network, which is the Internet infrastructure, in real time or not. In addition, improved compression rates have been the main factor in IPTV.

Service operators call this application “Tripleplay”, where the consumer can receive video, data and phone communications from the same package. The operator must use both IPTV and VoIP (Voice over IP) technologies to allow a customer to play Tripleplay Indian via a broadband line (CableTV / cableNet or ADSL).

IPTV is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years as it is already known that more than 100 million households have broadband Internet connections worldwide.