Mobile Classroom

Mobile Classroom is a complete educational system designed to meet the needs of students who will evolve in the 21st century educational system integrated with technology as the world evolves. Intelligent and mobile classrooms using Intel processor technologies; There are 20 laptops, a printer, a projector, a wireless network connection, a sequential loader, an Internet and network distribution infrastructure and a 1500 GB storage unit.


àFor teachers:

Rich content, rich use of resources

Possibility of doing project courses

Delicious and fun conference

Possibility of interactive conferences with students

Ability to reach students at any time

The ability to assess online student performance against desired standards and standards

àFor students:

Continuous involvement in the class, so strong motivation

Increased problem-solving skills, ability to use information

Ability to work in a team, collective organizations

The educational system in which students feel at the center

Students will become accustomed to using the computer for the purpose that suits them, continuously throughout their lives.


Thumps2 for school:

Public satisfaction by a high student-parent teacher

Easy automation in back office applications

Advanced and unique success system with technology classes

A solution designed to make life easier for students on campus. In this system; On the one hand, reliable and easily controlled access points are provided to students’ information, while in canteens and cafeterias it will be possible to carry out monetary transactions using a single card without using money. The card that contains all the information that meets the needs of the student can also benefit from other banking services by working in integration with the bank to be understood.