Campus Card

A solution designed to make life easier for students on campus. In this system; On the one hand, reliable and easily controlled access points are provided to students’ information, while in the canteens and cafeterias, it will be possible to carry out monetary transactions with the help of a single card without using money. The card that will accommodate all the information that will meet the needs of the student will also be able to benefit from other banking services by working in integration with the bank to be understood.


Ease of use, Space-saving

Covering the whole campus life with a single card

Easy monitoring with the monitoring module to be installed at any point (car park, library, cafeteria etc.)

To be able to follow the reports retrospectively in desired periods


Mifare Cards

Refectory Access System

Spending Points (Canteen) Pass System

Student Entry / Exit Control System

Campus Card Personalization System

Automatic Barrier Access System

Plate Recognition System

Information that can be stored on the card

Student name, surname, student number,

Student card number

Address, phone information

Family information

New semester course

Transcript information

Health information

Other information requested by the University