Access Control Systems

Our company has developed various projects on business cards, staff presence control, dining room control, student canteen and tracking applications. All of these projects have been done online at different locations.

Pass card; With the products we manufacture in our systems, the automation of access security can be provided on the basis of authority and at the same level as our card readers installed at the doors of institutions. In this system, we have been serving many institutions for many years, with product hardware and software entirely supplied by our company. We are able to run the same products with our other automation systems.

Staff presence control; systems, systems for calculating automatic entry and exit times for staff salaries and progress payments are provided. In this context, card readers and software can be monitored both locally and centrally.

Control of the dining room; Thanks to the software and products we have developed, the control is ensured in the cafeterias of the companies.

“Student Canteen” and tracking applications; Today, in most schools, the students were transported with money and the systems we installed disappeared. Students benefit from canteens and cafeterias within the limits of the products they have been awarded and parents can monitor students’ activities remotely via the web. Student attendance control is also provided with the same system. Our access control products are used successfully by many clients such as MedicalPark and Antalya Medical Faculty.