Asset Management System (DTasset)

Meeting follow-up, which is a very important issue for companies, is a very difficult process both in terms of time management and human resources. Accurate tracking of fixtures, which make up a significant portion of corporate capital, is very important for the accurate monitoring of the company’s assets. In the dispersed structures of institutions and organizations scattered in different places, it is possible to follow, to record all kinds of montages, to count them if necessary and to report this information with a lot of time and effort to many employees.

Asset Tracking System “Ass DTasset”; It is a solution designed to complete the process in the quickest, most fluid and most efficient way possible by minimizing the likely problems that institutions might encounter in the asset tracking process.


The process begins with printing the inventory code barcode labels and other information identifying the product on the products that make up the devices and then affixing these labels to the products.

In the following process, counting is completed in a very short time by reading only the barcode labels using handheld terminals.

Using the DTasset device counting module, faults and redundancies in the sy stem are determined immediately.


Minimizes time and manpower dedicated to asset management. DTasset allows unlimited number of sub-interrupts and product identification for all devices. In the same way, different information about the organization and the location of the companies can be easily defined on the system with an unlimited number of refractions. DTasset is also very useful for tracking computer products and electronic equipment on the basis of tracks. It is possible to enter the characteristics of each company computer and the inventory information of the cards / parts that make up the computers in the system and track these products with their characteristics in subsequent processes.


DTasset Sub Modules:

-Definitions user of staff

-Internal authority and levels

-The staff


-Groups of assets

-Definitions established

-Asset compliance


-Definitions of organization

-Follow-up of service agreements

-Exchange of fixtures

-Change of embezzlement

-The Relocation