BT Security

The increase in security vulnerabilities, viruses, worms and spyware is a major problem for networks, forcing businesses to lose millions of dollars each year. This should not only be perceived as the cost of the protection systems created to prevent these threats, but should also be taken into account in the event that these threats occur on the network, as well as the loss of labor and damage they could cause.
Traditional security technologies cannot provide preventative solutions from time to time and these threats can be encountered on the network. Various solutions have been developed for such cases.

The solutions:

Local Network Security: Security policies should be present in the local area if the conspirators (conscious or unconscious) who are damaging the system on a large scale come from the local area. At the same time, the system must be protected from the end user to the main network.

NAC technology, which offers a better alternative in such situations, protects networks from hazards by using a network infrastructure to check whether users are complying with the required security policies.

WAN security: Ensures the secure connection of external users (VPN, IPSEC, etc.). It is in the security of the WAN that users can access the Internet in a controlled manner and withstand attacks from outside.

This is done with different devices for LAN and WAN, the important thing is that these devices are properly positioned and work properly. Datatechnic provides the right solution for customers.